Aldo Stornelli

Instrument: Guitars/Vocalsnaked-aldo

Born: Yes

Age: A good ageing

Life aesthetics: Love, Music, Literature, Tennis, Wine, Beer, Philosophy,

Flavours: Mozzarella and cherry tomatoes with extremely fresh bread during summer evenings,

and the original “Cococciata”(a sort of zucchini pizza) while watching the world cup soccer matches.

Onion soup and many other northern European flavors, (especially Swedish and German elements),

obviousely during the very cold winters!

Career: Music Production within my label, Session Musician, wine grower.

Books: The Great Gatsby

Idol: Eddie Van Halen

Quotes: W.S. Shakespeare-HAMLET: Well, look how you play me—as if you knew exactly where to put your fingers, to blow the mystery out of me, playing all the octaves of my range—and yet you can’t even produce music from this little instrument? My God, do you think I’m easier to manipulate than a pipe? You can push my buttons, but you can’t play me for a fool. 

Opinion on the Altereggs: It’s a crash, it’s a splash, at times absurd, but as life pours down, we always manage to raise our eyes and gaze at the music above us.


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