Aldo Stornelli
Guitars, Vocals
Enrico Cianciusi
Drums, percussion
Alessandro Pepè Porrini
Bass, French Horn


Altereggs are a rock progressive trio founded by three italian musicians.

Aldo Stornelli, Enrico Cianciusi and Alessandro Porrini were born in the same geographical area (Abruzzo-central Italy), just about a few miles from each other. Nevertheless they never played together until 2003 when Enrico Cianciusi and Alessandro Porrini were trying to put up an experimental project, but they needed a guitar player. This is when Aldo Stornelli stepped inside the band and they became a “trio” named “Mens Insana”.

Many original tunes were written during the first period of reharsals, but as a sort of ironic tendency they ended up playing as a band  for other artists, and worked as professional players touring Italy and Europe as a session band,  adding new elements to the trio depending on the live requests. The initial “experimental” mood then faded into a solid and “professional friendship” that brought them to start their career together. This happened in 2004 and goes on today in terms of production drive and gigs.

The initial and original rock tunes go back to 2007 and find the very core in the first name of the band “Mens Insana”(insane mind). During those years their style was very colse to a rock  fusion trio, less minded to explore melodic and psichedelic moods. Those songs though represent the initial fuse, and what actually produced and kept the fire burning for a long time, even when their careers have inevitably been separted by tough professional timelines and changes. The songs of this first inception have never been published, but the now evolved Altereggs play those song during their live shows!

The “Atereggs” Album is a 6 track classic rock project with drops of progressive and psychedelic atmospheres, where instrumental music dominates the compositions, aside from “The picture” which is a reflexive fragment, and “Home Avenue” which is the only song where the lyrics explore the colors of a inner voyage.

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